Checklist For The Durham North Carolina Airport

If you’re headed to the Durham North Carolina Airport for a trip sometime soon, you’d better go ahead and make your checklist now. If you put everything off until the night before you leave, you’re bound to forget something important. Spare clothing, tickets, passports, IDs, and even the all too important travel cash are all among the most frequently forgotten items for travelers. The problem can be even worse if you’re leaving from a smaller local airport since you’re probably feeling a bit more relaxed about the trip in general! To avoid any headaches, make sure to mark off the following:


Important Documents

Every single important document that you’re going to need once you get to the airport and any stop you have along the way needs to be accounted for first and foremost.

Burger Bach is the first place up, and it is found at 737 9th Street. Enjoy a lamb burger, fries, oysters and all kinds of good eats. They actually make their ketchup at this restaurant, too, which is really interesting. What restaurant do you know that does that? The burgers at this place are made of grass fed beef, which is a popular trend in Durham.


Type Of Food

Whether its burgers and barbecue you want or another type of food, Durham has you covered. Get a load of these 3 restaurants, and load up a plate of food as you make your stop for a meal in Durham.