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It’s All About The Barbecue & Burgers In Durham North Carolina

It’s All About The Barbecue & Burgers In Durham North Carolina

One thing you are going to notice right away about the city of Durham NC is that there are all kinds of great places to enjoy burgers and barbecue. Whether its burgers and barbecue you want or another type of food, Durham has you covered. Get a load of these 3 restaurants, and load up a plate of food as you make your stop for a meal in Durham.

Burger Bach is the first place up, and it is found at 737 9th Street. Enjoy a lamb burger, fries, oysters and all kinds of good eats. They actually make their ketchup at this restaurant, too, which is really interesting. What restaurant do you know that does that? The burgers at this place are made of grass fed beef, which is a popular trend in Durham. Of all things, lettuce wraps also make the menu highlights at Burger Bach, so that tells you a little more about how diverse the menu is at this establishment.

Rue Cler Restaurant is located at 401 East Chapel Hill Street, and this brunch spot serves up a delicious menu. Enjoy a duck confit crepe, steak, moules frites, salads and much more. Reviews say that Rue Cler Restaurant is quite the charming bistro, and the salmon is one entree that is said to be irresistible. How does this place sound for a nice lunch, or even a dinner? Since it is a brunch spot, don’t forget that breakfast is an option, too.

It is time to check out another barbecue place in Durham, and you are going to love the food served up at The Pit. What a name for a barbecue restaurant, right? Everyone knows that a barbecue pit is the best way to smoke those meats. That means you are about to enjoy some of the most delicious barbecue that North Carolina has to offer. It sure makes a case for stopping by this restaurant in Durham. Ribs are a favorite there, and The Pit is located at 321 West Geer Street.

That’s all for this short list of Durham restaurants. The 3 places mentioned should make for a great time. I told you it’s all about the barbecue and burgers in Durham, which is great. Have an enjoyable meal, or two or three, and you will certainly feel like coming back for more. If it’s time to eat, you know where to go.