The Durham North Carolina Airport

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Making A Checklist For The Durham North Carolina Airport

If you’re headed to the Durham North Carolina Airport for a trip sometime soon, you’d better go ahead and make your checklist now. If you put everything off until the night before you leave, you’re bound to forget something important. Spare clothing, tickets, passports, IDs, and even the all too important travel cash are all among the most frequently forgotten items for travelers. The problem can be even worse if you’re leaving from a smaller local airport since you’re probably feeling a bit more relaxed about the trip in general! To avoid any headaches, make sure to mark off the following:

1 – Important Documents

Every single important document that you’re going to need once you get to the airport and any stop you have along the way needs to be accounted for first and foremost. This includes your tickets and all forms of identification. A lot of the most pertinent information can be found by the staff members if absolutely necessary, but the convenience of having everything accounted for upfront simply can’t be overstated.

2 – Make Sure Your Bags Are Packed

You should also pack your bags well in advance. Start at least a few days ahead if possible! Many travelers only pack the night before or even the morning of their flight. Rest assured, you’re going to forget something if you do so. This is where making an actual physical checklist can really come in handy.

3 – Secure Your Cash

You should also make sure you have a safe place to store any cash you’re bringing along for your journey. Keep wallets and hand bags as close as possible. Never let them sit out in the open or keep anything in back pockets! If you need to invest in something like a money clip, just go for it.

4 – Don’t Forget About Entertainment

Finally, make sure you take something along that can keep you entertained as you wait around in terminals and the like. Loading your phone or tablet with movies, music, games, or e-books is undoubtedly the most convenient way to do so these days. If you aren’t able to do that however, at least consider taking along an MP3 player and a pair of headphones to listen to music or an audio book. If you don’t have anything to do while you wait for connecting flights, the airport can be a miserable place!