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What You Can Expect From Luxury Apartments Durham NC

I’m not sure what you expect from an apartment, but when I went looking at luxury apartments Durham NC had to offer, I had some very specific things I needed. I work from home as a freelancer, so my needs might be different than yours, but here is what I discovered.

One of my first big needs was to have a place that let me feel at home. It had to feel more like a home than a boxed in apartment. This wasn’t just important for me, but also for my child.

Our next big need was to have a place to have some fun and exercise. We did not want to have to pay a fitness center or go looking for the nearest YMCA. We expected a good array of workout equipment and a swimming pool. We discovered almost all of the luxury apartments Durham NC has include a pool and fitness center, so that was an easy pair to knock off.

One of my big requirements was a place to meet with clients who insisted on coming to meet with me. It does not happen frequently, but I need a business area outside of the apartment. If I could find an apartment with the right atmosphere in a business center, I could eliminate my monthly rent for a shared office area that I rarely used.

I found a couple of the luxury apartments offered exactly what I needed. One of them even had a small conference room area and fit our needs perfectly.

We had set our budget at $2000 per month, but stayed well under it. That got us into a 3-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and plenty of floor space. We looked at a couple units which were larger, but they did not have the business center layout I really wanted.

One of the biggest differences we noticed by raising our budget was how much nicer the apartment finishes are. The bathroom and kitchen both had stone counters. The master bath had twin sinks, which is a nice feature. It included a washer and dryer right in the apartment, which helps save time.

All of the appliances are stainless steel, which I really like. Our previous apartment had white appliances, which are OK, but always made me feel like I was in an apartment, not at home. It is the small differences which make the big difference in how it feels.

The walk-in closets are another feature that is different from lower budget apartments. I have more closet space than I did when I owned a small house in another city.

Parking. I almost forgot to mention parking. I remember the fun of on-site parking that was not protected, or near. I cannot remember how many times we dashed through the rain to get to our apartment and ended up soaking wet. Now we have an attached garage and can stay out of the rain.

You can find a luxury apartment that will fit your needs in Durham. You just need to take a few minutes and write down what is important to you. We found many apartments that we really liked and the one which met our needs to perfection.